Getting started in Nuuk

Basically, it’s easy. You don’t get much choice with one domestic airline, one telecommunications company, three main bus lines, two big supermarkets and so on. So just relax and go with the flow…

  • Getting connected
    Mobile, post and internet is provided by Tele.

    • Mobile – to get started, a sim card costs 400 kr but then you get 200 kr worth of credit.
    • Mobile internet – Using internet on your smart phone is getting cheaper and cheaper all the time. At the time of this post, the cost was 1.75 kr. per mB.
    • Internet is generally expensive, but again is getting cheaper and cheaper all of the time. This year flat rate (unlimited) broadband was introduced,  the most expensive costing 1499 kr for 4 mBit.
  • Food and Groceries 
    • It’s possible to buy most things in Nuuk, even fresh vegetables and fruit. The prices might be more expensive depending on where you come from (cucumbers can cost 30 kroners), but if you’re a tightass who loves a bargain, you’ll be glad to know that you can save alot with sale offers!
    • Pisiffik and Brugseni are the two main supermarkets located in Nuuk. There’s also Eurospar, Spar, Kamik and a few others. One might say that shopping at Pisiffik in Nuuk Center is a more pleasant experience with more variety in terms of products, but Brugseni might be slightly cheaper – most people shop at both.
    • If you’re looking for fresh food, there is a ‘brædtet’ – a  seafood and meat market. What’s there is dependant on the season and what the local hunters bring in. During the month of August it’s salmon and reindeer, and earlier on in the year it’s lumpfish, which is mainly bought for the fish roe.
  • Language
    Language is a hot and controversial topic. Greenlandic is the national language, but many families also or only speak Danish. Many adults can also speak English, many younger kids can only speak Greenlandic. There are a few dialects as well. This blog post gives one perspective on language in Greenland.
  • Transportation
    • Buses – Nuup Bussi runs the public transportation in Nuuk. It costs 15 kroners per ticket which is valid for 1.5 hours, or a 11-clip bus card will set you back 120 kroners. Don’t bother with the app (it’s crap), but you can get sms updates which works just the same. You can also get a monthly bus card for 500 kroners. In order to get that you will need photo ID – possible to get at Notabene in the city.
    • Taxis – Nuuk Taxi‘s main number is 36 36 36, but if you are going from or to Nuusuaq or Qinngorput, they have their own numbers.
    • Hitchhiking – you can try your luck at hitch hiking, it works sometimes.

Well this is a start. Any more questions, go ahead and ask!


3 thoughts on “Getting started in Nuuk

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  3. Mellow Yellow says:

    As the famous Frank Zappa once said about a friend Named Nan Nuuk,

    “Watch Out Where The Huskies Go, and Don’t You Eat That Yellow Snow” !

    = ]

    Nice info thank you

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